im jasmine duh! (mystic_rose_57) wrote in gymtwirlcheer,
im jasmine duh!

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1.Name: Jasmine or Jay whichever you prefer
2.Age: 15
3.Location: Fort Myers Florida
4.Gender: Female

1.How long have you been cheering? 6 years
2.Favorite stunt? toe touch basket reload scorpion extension double down (took me forever to do at first but looks really good, fun to try too!!)
3.What position are you in stunts? flyer
4.Best Jump? toe touch
5.Favorite thing about cheerleading? stunting
5.Least favorite thing about cheerleading? not getting things on the first few triyes (im a perfectionist lol :)... )

3 pics--sry, hope its ok if ones an icon with my pic on it...

sry its a lil blurry..


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