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About: post this<3

3.Location:Miami, florida

1.How long have you been cheering?since i was 10
2.Favorite stunt?I loe to do a round-off backhandspring twisting backlayout
3.What position are you in stunts?I am a top
4.Best Jump?well i can do them all very good..but i would ahve to say the best is a pike
5.Favorite thing about cheerleading?Being in front of the crowd
5.Least favorite thing about cheerleaing?THE SNOTTY GIRLS!

Twirling---I dont twirl...sorry
1.How long have you been twirling?
2.What team?
3.Do you compete?
4.What is your favorite baton twirl?
5.What are some cool things you can do?

1.What kind of gymnastics do you do? (floor/bars/ect..)Mostly floor but i do a little bars
2.How long have you been doing gymnastics?since i was about 7
3.What is your favorite thing to do?I love to do a backwalk over on the beam..its not very hard its just fun
4.What can you do?I learned my back layout in gymnastics...its really kool!

Post at least 3 pictures.. I cant get my pictures to work right now but i will honestly explain myself right now and post pics l8ter....i am kinda short( about 5'4), I am about 98 pounds.I have blonde hair but I die it dark brown with red highlights.I have dark brown eyes..Im faily tan.I have my ears pierced twice. and medium boobs!lol!
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eeek. were trying tio get this community going again.. it wasnt very succesful so.. yeah. stay with us and we will get it going, kthnx.

caity and katie.